Megan, a young girl from the eastern states of America, hopes to inspire the world with her views, wishes, and plans. As the owner of A Barefoot Gal, Megan works daily on ways to promote food drives for multicellular, eukaryotic organisms of the kingdom Animalia.

But why should you vote for a little known hometown hero?

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Megan, a teen of Americas own, grew up as normal girl in a normal atmosphere. Little did she know that her views and opinion could change the world. Megan’s desires grew stronger each day, until finally no one could restrain her. So here she is, working her best to make America- and eventually the world- a safer environment. Every Tuesday, Megan hosts food drives for bunnies all around the world in need. In becoming president she hopes promote self awareness of needy Oryctolagus cuniculus in ecosystems near you.


25 Promises

  1. Inchy B will post a behind-the-scenes post.
  2. Everyone will get Clemmie’s signature.
  3. Casey will go on tour and visit your town.
  4. Mosquitoes will be outlawed.
  5. So will Poison Ivy.
  6. You will instantly know all the answers to math problems.
  7. Summer break will be three times longer.
  8. Everyone will get a camera and laptop of their choice.
  9. There will be daily chocolate prizes.
  10. If I get an Etsy shop, inchworms will be 10% off.
  11. You will be able to come up with witty greetings for your posts.
  12. Bees will be de-stingerized.
  13. You will get an airplane ticket to come visit me and Allison.
  14. I will post lots of pictures of our fuzzy pets.
  15. Mean comments will be outlawed.
  16. You can eat as much candy as you want, and never get cavities.
  17. You will be a famous artist, photographer, writer, athlete, or musician.
  18. I will start the “I Really Mean It” award.
  19. You will get good followers who really read your posts.
  20. You will get a trip to Flordia or the Canadian Rockies. Your choice.
  21. You can go to sleep late, and get up early without being tired.
  22. Your pets will have long lives.
  23. Stores won’t start putting Christmas things up until at least October 25th.
  24. The grass won’t be greener on the other side, it will be just as green as your own grass.
  25. You will learn what my favorite ice cream flavor is. (Because you’ve always wondered right?)